Welcome Duvanco Home Owners

Congratulations on your new home. Here are some landscaping options available for you to consider depending on your subdivision location.

Walkway Selections

  1. Choose colour
  2. Choose style
  3. Choose shape
Duvanco standards include Oak Colonnade paving stones with Oaks Ortana Plus block steps. Upgrade options are available on colour, style and shape (price based per ft2)
A site meeting will be arranged to discuss selections and layout details. If you require more of a visual impact consider conceptual sketches and/or computer generated drawings such as:
  • Hand drawn sketch = $ 50.00
  • Computer generated plan (Black & White) = $200.00
  • Computer generated plan (Colour) = $250.00
  • 3D Renderings = call for pricing

Planting Selections

Duvanco standard planting packages have been allocated for each lot depending on lot location and size.

Each homeowner can provide a planting "wish list” from which we will develop a planting list based on criteria such as sun location, predominate winds and product costs.

The following planting upgrade options are available:
  • Extra plantings = plant cost + labour to install
  • Decorative stones = stone cost + labour to install
  • Annual maintenance schedule = $100.00
*Mix and Match packages available