New Home Owners

Congratulations on your new Duvanco Home purchase!

Step 1: Walkway Selections

Front Entrance Selections:
  • Choose Brick Colour
  • Choose Brick Style
  • Walkway Design
*Duvanco Homes has a standard stone but other styles are available per $ft².

A rough layout will be developed which will give you a general idea of the shape and size of your walkway. If you would prefer more of a visual design, you can upgrade to one or more of the following:
Plan A: 
  • Computer generated plan (Black & White) = $250.00
  • Computer generated plan (Colour) = $350.00
  • 3D generated = call for pricing
*Store samples

Step 2: Plant Selections

A preset budget has be allocated to each lot based on lot location and size. Each homeowner can provide a planting "wish list” from which we will develop a planting list based on criteria such as sun location, predominate winds and product costs.
  • Computer generated plan (Black & White) = $150.00
  • Computer generated plan (Colour) = $200.00
The following planting upgrade options are available: 
  • Extra plantings = plant cost + labour to install
  • Annual Maintenance Schedule: $150 (Provide time for growth, divide plants, cut back and trim)