Stone Work 

How many times have you seen stone walkways, retaining walls, patio’s or driveways raise or sink??? The difference between professional and amateur installation is obvious when dealing with stone work. Done properly the first time, our experienced staff will provide the quality work that will pass the test and provide years of guaranteed wear and tear. 
Natural Stone 
Natural Stone offers so many options when it comes to landscaping features. Natural Stone can be used for paving, decorative retaining walls, steps, benches, patios, and outdoor fireplaces. Natural stone can be a valuable investment to your property as it offers rugged beauty with lasting durability. 
Paving Stone 
There are many of choices when it comes to colour, size, shape and texture in paving stones. Paving stones are manufactured to cater to each individual’s style and purpose. Some are manufactured with a rugged weathered look, others to achieve a classic old world cobblestone feel. The result is the same; paving stones are a low maintenance, economical and durable choice. 
Let us work with you to personally transform your yard into a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space.